City Gridlocked

There is a saying “a picture is worth one thousand words.” How many words do you think the one above is worth? Here are Sharla’s Thoughts. This is just one of the many scenes in Kingston, Jamaica. The city has been experiencing a severe traffic situation due to several ongoing roadwork projects, conducted by the National Works Agency (NWA). The roadwork is being conducted is to expand the road and build an overpass bridge, at the Portia Simpson Square, commonly known as three miles. I do agree that this is the right move, as this is one of the busiest areas of the city. However, closing the area with a day or two notice is unacceptable. Why is this unacceptable?

When making major traffic changes it is important for persons to be properly informed and given ample time to adjust to the changes. A week or two would be sufficient. This notice period will also provide the police officers and flag men with enough time to familiarize themselves with the new routes, in order to properly direct commuters. The National Works Agency will in turn appreciate a longer notice period, as they would be able to implement proper signs. This would definitely help to ease the frustration of the commuters and make work easier for police officers and NWA employees.

We, as commuters, should be more understanding and cooperate with the police and road work personnels. I understand you are frustrated, however, they have a job to do as well. If we curse, scream and disregard their instructions, it will only cause confusion and chaos. It will take a lot of teamwork and patience to make it through this period. The rewards will be worth it in the end. These are thoughts on the traffic issues in Kingston, Jamaica, share your thoughts with me.

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7 thoughts on “City Gridlocked

  1. Their should have been contingency set up by the police and a study done to estimate the traffic flow at all hours. Their should have been alternate rute set up and made or repair to deal with the traffic flow. Repairs and roads works are good for the development of our country and we the people must exercise restraint and some level of understanding. In short cooperation is needed on all fronts. Let’s move together and build Jamaica land we love

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  2. I agree with everything said especially about giving enough notice for commuters to adjust

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    1. Definitely. The traffic situation is terrible


  3. I agree with everything said especially about giving enough notice for commuters to adjust

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  4. You’re right that is definitely a positive step by the government. But making citizens aware and planning for negative effects meanwhile… That’s never been the Jamaican way

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    1. That’s the problem. We always say its the Jamaican way or its not the Jamaican way. It’s time to change that


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