Jamaicans need to Upgrade

According to the Cambridge Dictionary online, the word upgrade means “to improve the quality or usefulness of something, or change it for something newer or of a better standard.” https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/upgrade As Jamaicans we all need to upgrade ourselves. We need to upgrade mentally, educationally and morally. If we are to grow and evolve as individuals and as a country, an upgrade is necessary. What is this upgrade and why is it so important? Here are Sharla’s Thoughts.

Upgrading oneself mentally means to change the way we think, our attitude and mindset. Doing so will allow us as individuals to have the right attitude, which in turn allows us to handle any situation or challenge we may face. We will be able to grow, adapt and even learn more about ourselves. Upgrading educationally is the act of continually improving our educational qualification. This is essential as it will allow us to gain new skills and knowledge. Information is always changing and there are always new ways being developed to get things done. What we learned five to ten years ago at school would have changed as books are upgraded, therefore we need to upgrade as well. We will also become more confident and have better career opportunities. A moral upgrade is vital as well. This upgrade entails changing and improving our core values and beliefs. When we have continued moral upgrade, we develop better values and respect for ourselves, others and our country. We will in turn pass these values on to our children as well. We need to think of ourselves as products in a store. Companies have to keep making changes and adding new ingredients in order to increase product sales. It is the same way we should treat ourselves.

There are many ways to achieve these upgrades. To upgrade mentally we can take care of our health (spiritual, mental & physical), meditate daily, try new things by challenging ourselves and eliminate negative things, persons and thoughts from our lives. To upgrade educationally we can enroll in educational programs at an institution or online, spend more time reading wholesome articles or novels and participate in volunteer work. To upgrade morally we can spend less time gossiping, engage in constructive discussions, respect others and respect ourselves by dressing, speaking and conducting ourselves appropriately. Every day we make sacrifices to buy the latest fashions, get our nails and hair done, and attend the latest parties and events. The same sacrifices, time and effort we spend upgrading what’s on the outside, can be spent upgrading what’s on the inside.

If we are to become successful and see our country grow, we have to start by upgrading ourselves first. If we want to see change, we have to change first. These are just a few of my thoughts, tell me what you think.

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